Twenty-four Years of Bringing Homeschoolers Together

Home Educators Resource Organization (HERO) provides weekly learning activities and classes for home educated students and teaching parents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul (Minnesota) area.  The organization is designed to provide a threefold educational opportunity to homeschooling families.  First, HERO offers many of the normal educational studies provided by traditional schooling (math, science, literature, etc.).  Second, HERO provides homeschoolers with many creative arts opportunities that are often unavailable to homeschoolers (band, drama, art, etc.).  Third, HERO offers a controlled socialization opportunity that is so often missing in the lives of many home schooled children.

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The other dimension in the outreach of HERO is in supporting the teaching parent, developing their own skills in teaching as their student matures.  Ongoing educational opportunities are as important to the teaching parent as they are for the student.  HERO provides this support in the form of seminars, curriculum guidance, and shared experience.  "Homeschooling families helping other homeschooling families" is what HERO is all about.

Feel free to make your way through the information on this website, and explore the numerous and varied opportunities you and your children can take advantage of at HERO.  We invite you to consider joining with us to make for a richer homeschooling experience for your family.

Jayne Wahlberg (Administrator) -

 Phone: (651) 485-2572