Sewing, Cooking, Drafting, Carpentry, and Woodworking

Cooking/Manners/Health/Nutrition  (with an emphasis on Health, Safety, and Manners in the Kitchen and beyond) - Instructor: Mrs. Ruth Wahlberg – Grades 3-6

Does your student have a special knack with a whisk? Or does your student know what a whisk is? All levels of kitchen abilities are welcome in this fun introductory course to cooking in the kitchen. Students can expect to spend half of our time learning hands-on in the kitchen – creating simple and healthy snacks, a few tougher meal recipes, and getting acclimated to using the tools and appliances of the kitchen. We will focus our classroom time on kitchen safety, health and nutrition, and using our manners in the home, kitchen, and beyond.

Join us for a tasty time of fun and learning! 

We will be creating our own recipe and resource book throughout the year. This binder will be available for purchase at the HERO book sale.

Cost of the binder is $20 total includes the fees for ingredients and printing.  

NOTE:  This is a one semester course.

The Basics of Cooking and Nutrition - Instructor: Mr. Terry Giebel - Grades 7-12 

In this course we will cover the basics of nutrition, wellness, and food preparation.  We will discuss various “eating lifestyles,” but will mostly focus on healthy food and lifestyle choices.  Menu development, ingredient selection, and cooking techniques will also be discussed.  The overall goal of this course will be to promote a healthy relationship with food by enhancing student knowledge of food choices, and motivating them to improve their choices.

Introduction to  Drafting - Instructor: Mr. Tischler - Grades 9-12

Students will begin by learning basic drafting skills and perspectives. The students will gain an understanding of the importance of accurate drawings in construction and industry.  We will do a bit of mechanical drafting, but our focus will be on architectural drafting. Students will draw plan views, elevations, 3-D and exploded views. The second semester culminates with the student completing their own set of house plans.


Students will need to purchase a basic drafting kit that includes; a "T" square, triangle, compass, protractor and pencils. They will also need a tablet of 11" X 17" paper. Wal-Mart, Target and Office Max carry the kits and paper.

Woodworking - Instructor: Mr. Tischler - Grades 5-8

Students will learn how to safely and properly use small hand tools. They will vote on 2-3 small woodworking projects to complete during the semester. Projects range from bird houses and bird feeders to knick knack shelves and lock boxes.


All students will need to bring their own safety glasses or goggles and ear plugs or ear muffs.


$20.00 per semester

Carpentry/Basic Home Repair- Instructor: Mr. Tischler - Grades 7-12

CARPENTRY / BASIC HOME REPAIR  Class size limit of 6 students.

Mr. Tischler must approve of student participation in this course.  New student applicants will be interviewed prior to beginning class.

Course materials required include;  Ear plug or ear muffs, safety glasses or goggles.  Students MUST have these items and arrive for class prepared to go outside and work.  The course involves the use of paints, stains and adhesives, and students should dress accordingly. Being fashionable has no place in this class! 

Due to the use of power tools, and the need for strict safety protocol at all times, students who cannot follow safety rules or distract other students with improper behavior will be removed from class.

During fall and spring months (weather permitting) students will be working on an outdoor construction project on school grounds.  During the winter months they will be working on general repairs on school grounds.  Students will learn in a hands on environment how a building is constructed from the ground up, and how to perform a variety of general repairs and home improvements.  Student will learn how to use small hand tools, and also how to operate a wide variety of power equipment.

Small Engines/Basic Car Maintenance - Instructor: Mr. Crymble - Grades 9-12

This is a year long course.

Course Description:

This is a “hands on” course designed to immerse the students in the concepts gas engines and practical application of those concepts.  In addition, we will cover all aspects of owning an automobile, from purchase through basic maintenance.  Several topics will be covered in this class including total cost of car ownership (including purchasing, insuring and maintaining a car; Maintenance including changing oil, changing spark plugs, changing serpentine belt,  engine diagnostics tool usage, we will also look at roadside emergency and what you need to know.   

Who should take this course:

Students in grades 9-12 looking for practical knowledge of small engines and car ownership.  This is a hands-on course, so students should come prepared to handle engine disassembly and reassembly.

Required material:

We will be disassembling and reassembling a small engine.  Students should bring work gloves and safety goggles/glasses.  A work smock is highly recommended. 

About the tutor:

My name is Chuck Crymble.  I have been married to my wife, Shari, for 24 years and have three children ages 15, 19, and 22.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, graduating Magna Cum Laude from St. Cloud State University.  I worked in the computer industry for 20 years, and retired as a technology executive in 2012.  Since retiring I have tutored at Jackson Middle School, both one-on-one and in classroom situations.  In addition I have coached multiple sports from K-12 for over 15 years, and was a Cub Scout den leader for 5 years. 

Class Syllabus:

Our goal will be to disassemble and rebuild a small gas engine in the first 10 weeks of the course, then move on to car ownership and maintenance in the final six weeks.

Email the instructor at: