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Order your National Norm Reference exam

2017-2018 Nation Norm Reference Test HERO Order Form

MN law requires all homeschoolers to test our children (ages 7 to 16) annually. HERO will be placing a group order to meet the Minnesota State Testing Requirement. Note the MN law. Subd. 11. Assessment of performance. (a) Each year the performance of every child ages seven through 16 and every child ages 16 through 17 for which an initial report was filed pursuant to section 120A.24, subdivision 1, after the child is 16 and who is not enrolled in a public school must be assessed using a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination.

TerraNova 2nd Edition (CAT6) This is the most recent edition of the CAT, released for homeschool use. This assess student academic achievement in reading language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, and spelling. It is available for grades K-12. It takes approximately 5.5 hours to administer. The cost is $45 for test and scoring. You administer the test yourself. All Orders must be turned in no later than JANUARY 30, 2018. (no exceptions).

Tests will be ready for pick up from Jayne Wahlberg on Monday and Tuesday, February 26 and 27. Exams must be returned no later than MARCH 13. All orders must include: student’s name, grade, and birth date (month, day, and year). Checks should be made out to HERO.  See HERP website under FORMS to download your registration form.

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