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HERO Student Leadership - Animal Humane Society

Monday, December 7:  Toys for animal shelters

The Animal Humane Society takes great care of the animals living in our shelters, but that's still no substitute for a loving home. You can help them feel more at home while they're in the shelters by participating in a few easy craft projects.  On Monday, Dec.7, the Student Leadership Club will be setting up a craft table 10:00-2:00 in the Activity building to make a few items to be donated to our local animal shelter.   
Make toys to entertain cats.  Decorate empty plastic eggs or ping pong balls with permanent makers. These simple rolling toys are popular entertainment for shelter cats! 

Make toys to entertain dogs.  Braid strips of fleece for tug-of-war toys. 

Make heating pads for animals recovering from surgery.  Help sew and stuff bags to be filled with rice that can be heated for post-op recovery.

Make an outdoor protective shelter. Here is a way that you can help homeless cats within the community.  We will make an outdoor protective shelter to help maintain a safe living environment for homeless cats in the community. This containers will provide an adequate shelter to protect cats against predators and environmental dangers. This container will also provide cold weather insulation and security for the outdoor cats in the community. Whether they are lost, homeless or unowned, this opportunity will improve the overall health and well being for our outdoor friends.

Contact Denise Hanson at 763-422-8824 if you are interested in donating some supplies to help support this event. 

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