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HERO Script Gift Card Orders Fundraiser

We are excited to begin our 2nd year raising money by selling gift cards with The Manna Group Scrip Program.  “Scrip” is the name given to gift cards and certificates which are provided from local and national retailers such as Target, Wal-mart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Starbucks, Caribou, Home Depot, and hundreds of others! See the attached order form for a complete list. These are the same gift cards available in stores. 

How can these retailers help us raise money?  It’s simple—partnered vendors agree to sell gift cards to our organization at a discount.  Families like yours buy the gift cards at full face value, and our organization keeps the difference as profit.  NO SELLING INVOLVED!

We plan to have 4 scheduled sales this year—Fall, Christmas, Winter, and Spring.  The first sale starts NOW!  Please take a look at the attached order form.  Take note of merchants you use regularly.  Choose which gift cards you would like to purchase.  You will see that many vendors offer gift cards of various dollar increments.  Please circle which value you want and write how many you want in the “amount” column.  Feel free to rewrite your order list on the back of the order form if that would make it more clear.  Total the dollar amount of your order and write a check to HERO for the full amount.  (The number in the “disc” column is the profit percentage that HERO will earn from each sale).

Place your completed order form with payment in the payment lock box above the field trip folders.  You will have 2 weeks to place your first order.  Order forms and payment are due by noon Tuesday, October 20, 2014.  Once we collect all the orders, we will submit one large order and payment to Manna Express Scrip Company.  They will mail out the gift cards to us in a timely manner.  We hope to have them ready to distribute at HERO within 2 weeks after the sale closing date. 

Due to our Christmas break schedule, our Christmas sale will begin shortly after this first sale.  If you have friends or family members who like to purchase gift cards to give as Christmas gifts, we would be happy for you to mention this program to them.  If they place their order through us, they get their same gift cards to use or give, and we get the profit.  You can make a copy of the order form and turn it in with their payment to HERO—please be sure to include your name as the contact person.

The Manna Group Scrip program is a simple and effective fundraising program. Last year HERO raised about $900 through gift card sales.  We hope we can count on your support!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions,

Debbi Castro, 612.396.8764

Manna Scrip Coordinator

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