Information (FAQ)

Q: What is HERO?

A: HERO is a nonprofit 501(c)3, Christian, non-denominational organization.  Classes meet during the school year every Monday and Tuesday at Crossroads Church, in Forest Lake.  The organization has served the Twin Cities area home schooling community since 1996.

Q: Where does HERO meet, and how do I get there?

A: Home Educators Resource Organization (HERO) meets at Crossroads Church, 17445 Notre Dame Street, Forest Lake, MN. See parking map at this link.

Q: How do I get information about HERO?

A: Jayne Wahlberg is the Administrator of HERO.  If you want information about HERO, you can reach her by phone at (651) 485-2572, or by email at 

Q: What volunteer time commitment is required of HERO members?

 A: The parent or guardian is responsible for three volunteer hours for every one-hour semester class that their student is registered for.  There is a "buyout" option available for the cost of $25 for every required volunteer hour (example: 1 class hour x 3 volunteer hours x $25 per volunteer hour = $75 per class hour).  All of the class hours from a family will be added up to determine the total number of volunteer hours required of that family.  The maximum number of volunteer hours required of one family is 24 per semester (sixteen weeks).  Block classes require the number of volunteer hours match the hours of the block class (e.g. 3-hour preschool is considered a 3-hour class and requires 9 volunteer hours per semester).  

All members must sign up for Membership Volunteer Hours in the HERO Parent Volunteer Binder within 30 days after the first day of classes. You will need to be signed up for your total required parent volunteer hours for that semester or you will be charged the $25 per volunteer hour required.  The Parent Volunteer Sign-up book is located by the Parent/Teacher mailboxes in the Activity Building.  Parents choosing to “buy out” their hours must indicate it on this registration form.

Q: What are the financial responsibilities of HERO members?

A: A $50 registration fee per student is due at the time of your first registration of that specific school year.  This fee covers facility rentals, insurance, and other support related costs.  This is a one-time per student, per school year registration fee.

All classes offered at HERO have a class fee associated with them.  The fees are collected by HERO, and teachers (who are independent contractors for the organization) are compensated for their teaching time.

Some classes may have additional costs to cover supplies.  These classes are not limited to science and art classes.  Many of the classes have additional charges due to the number of photocopies the class requires.  See individual class descriptions for more details.

Q: Is HERO affiliated with any religious denomination?

A: HERO is a non-denominational 501(c)3 organization.  HERO is not a ministry of Crossroads Evangelical Covenant Church, nor does it endorse any specific denomination.  HERO does however practice Biblical Christian principles and conduct during meetings, class time, and activities offered by HERO.  Christian teachings are also incorporated into the fabric of most of the classes offered by HERO.  Families of all religions and denominations are welcome to be part of HERO, as long as they are willing to operate within these clearly stated parameters.

Q: What is the student age range supported by HERO?

A: HERO offers classes for Preschool (age 3 to 5), Kindergarten, and first through twelfth grades.  Nursery is provided on Monday and Tuesday, between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, while parents are working their volunteer hours for the organization.

Q: Does HERO have a room available for students to eat snacks or lunch?  Do families bring bag lunches?

A: Lunch/snack items are available for families to purchase at a reasonable price.  We have both a snack bar area in the activity building and a lunchroom in the main church building.  This is our largest ongoing fundraiser. 

Lunch cards (valued at $10) may be purchased in advance at the lunchroom area.

Families are also welcome to bring their own lunches to the facility, to be eaten during official lunch hours.  All food items are to be eaten in a designated lunchroom.

Q: Does HERO offer band, orchestra, and other music programs?

A: HERO offers many opportunities to learn and perform in various music venues. Our Directors invite you to see the class descriptions for more details.  All musical instructors are highly qualified, with years of experience in their field.

Q: Does HERO offer socialization opportunities for senior high students, outside of formal classroom settings?

A: Under the guidance of a teacher/chaperone, several additional activities are planned for students in 7th-12th grades.  These activities are planned by the parents and students.  All activities are parent chaperoned.  See the "Calendar" page for more details.

Q: Does HERO have a dress/behavior code for its' students?

Q: Could you direct me to other websites that could be helpful with homeschool issues?

A: The following links are informative resources and sites.

  • MHA (Minnesota Home school Alliance) -

  • MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) -

  • HEPPNER'S LEGACY Homeschool Resources, 369 Jackson Ave NW, Elk River - (763) 241-4663,

  • Rainbow Resource Center - (888) 841-3456

  • A Beka Book, Inc. -

  • HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) - (540) 338-5600. HSLDA has a website that can help you with your child's highschool transcript. Fast Transcripts gives homeschool parents the ability to create professional high school transcripts with error-free GPA calculation. Cost is only $16 ($12 for HSLDA members)

Q: Could you give me a contact for a drivers education program?

A: Contact TEENS, INC, 1080 W. County Rd. E, Shoreview, MN   55126
Phone (651) 468-1278 , website:

Q: What are some websites that I can use to help my child prepare for the ACT and SAT?