History, Civics, Social Studies, Geography

K+ - First Grade (ages 5-7)  - Monday 2 hour  class
Minnesota History/Science - Instructor: Mrs. B. Westrup

The class is designed for students ages 5 to 7 for Monday mornings.   They will have fun with learning all about the marvelous state of Minnesota. 

Join in the fun as we learn all about our great State of Minnesota. Through literature, art, and song, with a special focus on science, history and geography, we will explore the 32nd state. Students will engage in activities that stimulate the senses; as they learn best with hands-on, concrete experiences. We will work to develop language arts skills and comprehension with a variety of Minnesota themed books. The children and I will sing our way through the year to memorize numerous concepts. Students will even create their own Minnesota Keepsake book! Grab a blueberry muffin and a glass of milk and come along…

Second Grade US Geography (Monday 2 hour class) - Instructor: Mrs. Olson - Grades  2

Pack your bag and come take a trip with us across the United Sates!  This fun two hour class will travel through the 50 states and learn about their unique characteristics.  The children will learn about the states through science activities, books, crafts, hand-on-activities, and other resources.  The curriculum we will be using is, "Cantering the Country" by Lore Petit and Dari Mullins and "Children's illustrated United States Atlas" by Rand McNally Schoolhouse.   There will be a large flannel map of the U.S. to help us keep track of our traveling.  We do make time for a snack which the students will provide on a rotating schedule. 

Supplies your child needs:


*washable markers OR crayons OR colored pencils


*glue sticks

*Water bottle to bring to class each week for snack

*Old shirt for painting

*Three-ring notebook that will contain worksheets for the year: purchase from HERO for $10.00

The Adventures of Munford - Instructor: Mrs. Olson - Grades 2-4

Munford is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  He can be rain, snow, sleet, or steam. He has traveled the world looking for excitement, interesting information and adventures.  Munford will help the children to learn more about many of history's greatest moments.  The books are written on an elementary level. Through reading the books, making crafts, and participating in activities, the children will get learning experience in areas such as history, geography, and science. Come and join the fun adventures with Munford!  This is a two year program. 

Supplies needed for this class:


*Washable markers OR colored pencils OR crayons

*Glue sticks


*Two pocket folder that will contain worksheets for both books: purchase from H.E.R.O. for $3.00

*Two books:


First Semester:  The American Revoution

Second Semester: The Klondike Gold Rush


First Semester Book:  The Adventures of Munford:  Munford meets Robert Fulton

Second Semester Book:  The Adventures of Munford:  Munford meets Lewis and Clark


You can purchase the Munford books from HERO.

American Boy/Girl, Monday or Tuesday - Instructor: Mrs. Ozment - Grades 1-6   2018-2019 

The Pleasant Company of American Girls series covers many periods in history.  We will be learning about the events of that time and how it shaped our changed the lives of children in the stories.  We will be creating projects and researching topics related to the time period we are studying. 

This class is not just for girls.  This is an excellent history class for girls and boys in grades 1-6.  We will supplement each series with historical information.   This class is NOT just for girls.  Boys are encouraged to take this class.  Each student is required to read the books at home with the parent and be prepared to discuss the contents and answer questions.  Required read is approximately one book per week.  Each series contains six books.

This 2018-2019 school year we will be studying these books in the following order: Julie (1970), Kaya (1764) , Felictiy (1774), Caroline (1812). 

Little House in the Big Woods - Instructor: Mrs. Ozment - Grades 1-3        2018-2019

This Little House books begin in the late 1870's with Laura and her family living in a log house deep in the woods of Wisconsin. We will be studying the historical period and prairie life of the Ingall's family. The daily life and struggle of crossing the Midwest prairie, battling the elements, the hardships and challenges along with the rewards make for interesting reading for you and your child.  Reading assignments will be approximately 30 pages a week.  The student should be prepared to discuss the chapters that they have read when they come to class the following week.  In class, the emphasis will be placed on period crafts, songs, plays and games like those portrayed in the books.  Last year we started with "Little House in the Big Woods" and continue through "On the Banks of Plum Creek."  The series goes in the following order:  By The Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden  Years.  

For 2018-2019 we will be starting with:  Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Little House on the Prairie, and On of the Banks of Plum Creek.  This class is full of fun projects!

Supply list for both classes are 2-Glue Sticks, 2-#2 Pencils, Colored pencils, Scissors and 6-quart size ziploc bags.

 Paddle-to-the-Sea  (Great Lakes Literature/Mapping) - Instructor: Mrs. Beth Westrup -  Grades 4-6

Using Holling Clancy Hollings award winning book Paddle-to-the-Sea, this class will focus on the history and geography of the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada.  Using a literature approach, children will explore concepts while traveling along with Paddle.  Mapping activities, large and small group as well as individual projects will expose students to Native American culture, natural resources, historic figures and economic development of this area.  Grab your paddle and come see what fun this class will be!

World Wars - Unit Literature Study (Formerly called Beginning Literature/Unit Study)  - Instructor: Mrs. Harris - Grades 5-7 

What was going on in our world during 1914-1918 when WWI occurred?  What about the era of the later 30's and mid 40's when WWII happened?  What was life like during these times?  What ammunition, artillery and explosives were used?  With videos, teacher created worksheets, art projects, geographical maps, and library materials we will navigate our understanding of these world wars.  We explore and investigate distinct people and events that created history.

 Time Travel into Ancient Israel History (Hands On) - Instructor  Mrs. Jenny Lofstad: - Grades 3-6  

Time Travel into Ancient Israel is an opportunity to bring the country Israel to life for your student. I teach heavily with PowerPoint to draw in the visual learners, locate events on maps, and highlight findings from archaeology. Intertwined with our teaching time will be interactive experiences such as using a signet ring while discussing Joseph, and eating lentil stew while discussing Jacob and Esau.

Measuring the ark and building a model of the Tabernacle provide a tangible connection to these structures. Celebrating the Old Testament Festivals will be a a multi-sensory highlight for the students in class this year. We will sit in a tent while discussing Sukkot, listen to a blast of the shofar during Rosh Hashanah, light the menorah candles of Hanukkah, sample traditional Passover foods, and smell the sweet scent from a Sabbath spice box. Learning the historic and symbolic significance of these festivals will deepen our understanding of the roots that we have been grafted into.

There is a $10 additional materials/textbook fee.  This can be purchased at the HERO bookstore. 

The Light and the Glory - Instructor: Mrs. Harris - Grades 4-6   2018-2019

This is a two part history series.  America's history is based on Christian beliefs (or tenets), principles, and values.  Involve yourself in The Light and the Glory classroom through learning about men such as Christopher Columbus, John Winthrop, George Whitefield, and George Washington.  These men have shared their lives with each of us providing dreams and inspiration to further our quest in keeping our country "One Nation Under God". Through educational tools and activities such as; short stores, library books, teacher's notes, timelines, collages, and portrait tracing, etc. students will gain a deeper understanding of American's heritage.

We will be using the textbooks by Peter Marshall titled:  The Light and the Glory

From Sea to Shining Sea - Instructor: Mrs. Harris - Grades 4-6 - 2019-2020

Class description will be coming.

Old World History - Instructor: Mrs. Leah Adams - Grades 6-7

Old World History (Gr. 6-7)

Instructor:  Mrs. Adams  (Dragonfly717@msn.com)

In this course, we will study the history and geography of the eastern hemisphere.  We will examine the people and places on the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica.  Using the Abeka text, we will discuss the history, culture, daily living, contributions, and more of the peoples in each of the countries in this region. 

We will spend an average of two weeks on each chapter with one or two chapters receiving more time because of their length.  Along with in-class reading and discussion, we will engage in some hands-on projects to enhance our study.  Some project examples may include, but are not limited to, art projects, crafts, songs, literature, science experiments, food tastings, model building, and more. 

Students will be required to spend time at home reading and completing homework for the class.  Students will have a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the content; grades will be based on class participation, successful completion of assigned work, and performance on chapter tests.

We will be using the textbook:  Abeka 5 --- Old World History & Geography (4th Edition).  This text and a required teacher supplement/folder will be available for purchase from the HERO bookstore.

Middle School Civics  -  Instructor: Leah Adams - Grades 7-9

Middle School Civics (Gr. 6-8)

Instructor:  Mrs. Adams (Dragonfly717@msn.com)

This is an introductory course covering the basics of civics for the middle school student. 

Using the text entitled Civics in America, we will explore the topics of civics including:  citizenship, the foundation of our American government, the Constitution, the branches of our government, the political system, laws and our legal system, the economy, foreign policy, and global issues. 

Students will be required to complete assignments such as reading, writing, research, and memorization at home and come prepared to participate in class discussions and activities.

Our text is entitled Civics in America.  It is a Nextext Coursebook published by McDougal Littell which is a division of the Houghton Mifflin Company.  The copyright date is 2003 and the ISBN # is 0-618-22198-0.  A teacher supplement/folder is required for the class; both text and folder will be available at the HERO Bookstore.

Ancient World History in Christian Perspective  - Instructor: Mr. Beale - Grades 10-12

Why study history? The word "history" means inquiry, so this will not be a class where students simply memorize names, places, and dates.  Learn about the history and culture of Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle Ages, The Reformation Era, The Age of Ideas, and The Twentieth Century, and then recognize how these important times in history have shaped our world today.

This course will require reading an average of a chapter per week and doing the chapter review as well as periodical tests and quizzes. There will be a research paper. We will also use other source material besides the textbook.  Students will need a notebook, specific for this class.

Textbook required: World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective, third edition. Textbooks will be available at HERO.  

American Government and Christian World View - Instructor: Mr. Beale - Grades 9-12

This class is offered second semester. First semester Christian World View will be offered.

This class will focus on the U. S. Government. Students will learn about the great body of knowledge that was the source of wisdom used to design the U.S. Government.  Students will understand their freedom comes at the cost of responsibility as citizens to participate in preserving our government. They will be able to recognize our government’s enemies, both domestic and foreign, and they will identify the separate branches of our government and the purpose of each.

The textbook used for second semester is American Government in Christian Perspective. -Third Edition. There will be classroom discussion as well as debates on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. Textbooks will be available for purchase at HERO.

Christian World View

This class is offered first semester. Second semester American Government will be offered.

This course will aid high school students in developing a Biblical perspective for the understanding of history, governments, law, economics, psychology, biology, sociology, law and politics. Students will study our founding fathers’ origin and basis for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our republican (not the political party) governing system. Students will be presented with a clear explanation of the worldviews that are contending for the hearts and minds of modern man.

We will be using the textbook, Understanding the Times by David Noebel, which can be purchased at HERO. There will be a research paper required.

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT - Instructor: Mrs. Wong - Grades 9-12

American Government is a basic high school government class, meeting for one semester.  The goal is to teach the basics of government: the three branches, the Constitution, elections, etc. 

*This class is equivalent to a ½ credit of American Government for the high school transcript. 

TEXTBOOK: American Government           Great Source Publishing                     ISBN 9780669467956

High School Civics - Instructor: Mrs. Joelle Walmsley - Grades 9-12

American Government & Civics includes three parts:

American government Civics (how to become a good citizen) Mock government

The American government portion will be lecture, followed by the mock government, which will reinforce what we have learned in the lectures. The civics potions will be group projects on certain topics, such as citizenship, economy, and foreign policy.

The mock government will include the following:

Senate and House debates, followed by Congressional elections

Bill proposals and debates, followed by Law passage or failure

Presidential debates, followed by Presidential elections

Judicial nomination hearings, followed by Judicial confirmation vote

Supreme Court case selection and hearings, followed by Supreme Court decisions and dissent


Hartley, William H. and William S. Vincent. American Civics. Austin: Holt, 2003.

ISBN- 9780030676796

American Government & Civics Homework Guide- Available in the HERO Bookstore.

American  History - Instructor: Mrs. Rische  - Grades 7-9

This is a year-long course focusing on the study of American history from a Christian perspective.  Emphasis will be on how God’s plan is revealed through history and how our founding fathers formed this nation.  Students will learn to read and understand historical primary sources, analyze information, and research/write persuasive arguments based on historical facts.

American History - Instructor: Ms. Stacie  Zens  - Grades 9-12

This is a year long course that will cover American History from the time of exploration to the present day.  We will be using The American Journey textbook by Appleby, Brinkley and McPherson as well as videos and research projects to better understand our nation’s history.   This course will not just be about memorizing facts and dates.  We will be using critical thinking skills in order to make connections between the past and the present to better understand current events.  

Great Women in History - Instructor:  Mrs. Rische - Grades 7-10

Great Women in History, is a year long class that will examine the lives and contributions of various women throughout history, from creation to modern times.  As we study each woman, we will examine the time period and circumstance surrounding her life as well as her character and accomplishments.  Students will leave this class with an understanding of world history as well as a knowledge of historical and present day women whose character has set them apart.  There is no text required, however there will be weekly reading assignments in the form of a packet that can be purchased from HERO.  Students should have a 3-ring binder to keep these documents organized.  

Great Men in History - Instructor: Mrs. Rische - Grades 7-10

More information will be coming.

Minnesota History - Instructor Ms. Stacie Zens  - Grades 7-9

Minnesota History Grades 7-9*

This is a year long course that covers the history, land and people of Minnesota.  Students will create an end of the year project to be presented in class.

Homework is assigned each week.

Please bring pencils, colored pencils, textbook and workbook to class each week.

*The Northern Lights textbook and workbook is required for this class and can be purchased at HERO.

Trail Guide to World Geography  - Instructor:  Mrs. Rische- Grades 7-10

(CLASS SIZE limited to 15 STUDENTS) 

In this year long class, students will explore each continent using the curriculum Trail Guide to World Geography. They will be able to locate countries, read maps, learn geographical terms and more. 

Homework is assigned each week. Current events and semester projects are also required.  Please bring completed homework, pencils, colored pencils and a pen to class each week.

*An atlas is required for this class, as well as a workbook that can be purchased at HERO.

United States Geography -Instructor: Mrs. Westrup  - Grades 7-9

United States Geography is a full-year course. US Geography is a course designed to have students learn all about the states, which includes (but is not limited to): map location, topography, capital, local food, agriculture, industry, and tourist attractions.  Twice a semester, the students will make a poster board project for a state in a specific region of the United States.

TEXTBOOKS: Fifty States: Every Question Answered. By Lori Baird- 2014 ISBN- 9781626862333 and United States Geography Homework Guide-  and  
Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book- by George Wiggers- ISBN 9780970240309                           

World Geography - Instructor: Mrs. Wong          

World Geography is a full-year course.

The first goal of World Geography is to memorize map locations and capitals.  This will be graded on tests and quizzes.  At the end of each semester, there will be a geography bee on the continents studied during that period. 

The second goal of World Geography is to learn about the peoples and cultures of other lands.  This will be accomplished by showing a video from each continent, as well as tasting food from other countries. 

TEXTBOOKS:  Genzmer, Herbert and Christian Schutz. Countries & Continents. Parragon; Bath, 2008. ISBN: 978140752580 and World Geography Homework Guide-and Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book- by George Wiggers- ISBN 9780970240309 

 Wars That Changed World History - Instructor: Mr. Beale- Grades 9-12

This is a year-long course that will cover the wars and battles that changed the course of world history, from ancient times to the present. Students will study the background of the conflicts, advancements in fighting technology, and the impact of various people and events that had a great part in directing the course of history under God's sovereignty.

Students will also learn that the way wars ended is in many cases predicted in the Bible. An example is Daniel 2:32 which tells the story of the king who saw a large image that represented the history of the middle east which was fulfilled by Alexander the Great and his 4 generals. Thus the wars could have no other outcome.

Textbook required: Battle: A Visual Journey Through 5,000 Years of Combat by R. G. Grant for in-class study. Textbook  can be purchased at HERO.

History of the United States I- CLEP - Instructor: Mrs. Wong - Grades 9-12

This course covers the history of the United States from early colonization through Reconstruction after the Civil War.

Students have two choices when taking this class.  The first is to take this class for a high school American history class.  The second is for the purpose of passing the CLEP test for History of the US I.  Upon passing the CLEP exam at the end of the semester, the student will receive 3 college credits. 

The CLEP exam is administered at a different location and is the responsibility of the parent to find transportation to the test. Those students desiring to take the exam need to use additional CLEP study materials for the exam (practice exams, etc.)


Roark, James L., et al. The American Promise: A Compact History Vol. 1: To 1877.  5th Edi. Boston; Bedford, 2013.  # 9781457631450 

CLEP- History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877.  6th Edi. NJ; REA, 2012.  # 9780878912728

History of the US I Study Guide                                 Available in the HERO Bookstore

History Of The United States II CLEP - Instructor: Mrs. Wong - Grade 9-12

This course covers the history of the United States from Reconstruction to the present time.

Students have two choices when taking this class.  The first is to take this class for a high school American history class.  The second is for the purpose of passing the CLEP test for History of the US II.  Upon passing the CLEP exam at the end of the semester, the student will receive 3 college credits. 

The CLEP exam is administered at a different location and is the responsibility of the parent to find transportation to the test. Those students desiring to take the exam need to use additional CLEP study materials for the exam (practice exams, etc.)



Roark, James L., et al. The American Promise: A Compact History Vol. II: From 1865.  5th Edi. Boston; Bedford, 2013.  # 9781457631467

CLEP- History of the United States II.  2nd Edi. NJ; REA, 2013.  # 9780738611273

History of the United States II Study Guide        Available in the HERO Bookstore