Critical Thinking/Study Skills, Philosophy, Bible, Beginning Logic

Critical Thinking/Logic/Student Skills - Instructor: Mr. Chuck Crymble  - Grades 8-12

This course is will teach the fundamentals of logical reasoning and critical thinking.  The first semester will focus briefly on study skills, and then move on to learning how to identify fallacies, or errors in logic.  We will learn how to identify the most common errors in reasoning.  Semester two will focus on reasoning skills development.  We will learn how to organize thoughts, and construct sound arguments, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of a weak argument.

In this course, we will progress through both Critical Thinking workbooks.  Our activities will center around learning categories and terms pertaining to logic and reasoning, then examining stories and discussion problems illustrating each new concept.

Textbooks: Textbooks: The Thinking Toolbox and The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn

ACT Prep - Instructor: Ms. Stacie  Zens  - Grades 9-12

This class is designed to prepare students for success on their ACT test.  The course will highlight test taking strategies as well as provide tutorial instruction for each section of the ACT test.  Students will learn to increase their reading speed and comprehension to help increase their test taking speed in all subject matters.  Special focus will be given to preparing the students to face the essay portion of the ACT test.  Students will be given practice tests.  Additionally, students will discuss strategies for finding colleges to fit their needs to gain an understanding of the college application process.'

This course is offered first semester only. Second Semester, Mastering Study Skills - Time Management Techniques will be offered.

Mastering Study Skills - Time Management Techniques - Instructor: Ms. Stacie Zens - Grades 9-12

This class will be offered second semester in the ACT Prep time slot.

Time management, note taking, test taking strategies, how to student, managing stress, short term planning, etc.

Textbook: TBD

 Time Travel into Ancient Israel History (Hands On) - Instructor  Mrs. Jenny Lofstad: - Grades 3-6  

Time Travel into Ancient Israel is an opportunity to bring the country Israel to life for your student. I teach heavily with PowerPoint to draw in the visual learners, locate events on maps, and highlight findings from archaeology. Intertwined with our teaching time will be interactive experiences such as using a signet ring while discussing Joseph, and eating lentil stew while discussing Jacob and Esau.

Measuring the ark and building a model of the Tabernacle provide a tangible connection to these structures. Celebrating the Old Testament Festivals will be a a multi-sensory highlight for the students in class this year. We will sit in a tent while discussing Sukkot, listen to a blast of the shofar during Rosh Hashanah, light the menorah candles of Hanukkah, sample traditional Passover foods, and smell the sweet scent from a Sabbath spice box. Learning the historic and symbolic significance of these festivals will deepen our understanding of the roots that we have been grafted into.

There is a $10 additional materials/textbook fee.  This can be purchased at the HERO bookstore. 

Cold Case Christianity - Evidence for the Christian Faith - Instructor: Mrs. Rischel - Grades 5-8

From the movie God is not Dead 2, Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace lays out the case for Christ—His life, death, and resurrection.  Using criminal justice investigative techniques, he teaches students “how to think rather than telling them what to think.”  An interactive website, textbook, Training sheets, and Academy Notebooks help students use investigative tools, analyze evidence, and formulate conclusions based on fact. (Year-long course)

Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics - Instructor: Mrs. Walmsley - Grade 10-12

Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics This year long class begins with the foundations of the Western philosophical tradition. Students will read several excerpts covering pre-Socratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and biblical narratives. Second semester will build on the Western intellectual tradition through study of contemporary philosophers and ethical issues. Students will need to purchase a class reader. This will be available through HERO.

Introduction to World Religions: History, Belief and Practice - Instructor: Mrs. Walmsley - Grade 10-12

This class is dedicated to exploring the world’s major and minor religious traditions. Although developed along a historical timeline, our focus is phenomenological in nature, which relies heavily on the experience and perspective of the dedicated practitioner.

First semester will be studying religious traditions themselves aside the classroom textbook and excerpts from various religious scriptures and texts.

Second semester we will be reading A Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivializes Religious Devotion by Stephen Carter. We will be examining the crossroads of religion, law and politics in resolving (or remaining unresolved as the case may be) important questions of our day.

Our textbook will be Michael Mlloy’s Experiencing the World’s Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change, 4th Edition published by McGraw Hill.

This class has a heavy reading load.

Christian World View - Instructor: Mr. Beale - Grade 9-12

We will be using the textbook, Understanding the Times by David Noebel. This course will aid high school students in developing a Biblical perspective for the understanding of history, governments, law, economics, psychology, biology, sociology, and a number of other subjects. Students will study our founding fathers origin and basis for the Constitution, Bill or Rights, and our democratic governing system. Students will be presented with a clear explanation of the worldviews that are contending for the hearts and minds of modern man. There will be additional reading and research papers required.