Art, Knitting, Photography

Art, Music, and Movement - Instructor:  Ms. Trowbridge and Mrs. Ozment -Ages 3 to 5

Children will discover "the joy of Art" as they are introduced to a variety of art and art activities.  These activities are designed to encourage development of artistic vision and creative expressions through art, music and creative dramatic play.  Discover the excitement of paints, clay, collage, pastels and other media.

Through music we'll swing and sway jump and jiggle to new songs and old favorites. While wiggling and jiggling we' be learning about the instruments in an orchestra and other musical instruments that create beautiful music and rhythm. 

All children have the potential core creative expression.  The creative art, music and movement class provides the opportunity for this potential to develop.  We encourage the children to verbalize about their paintings, other art activities and other art expressions.  Talking about their work seems to give them greater confidence as each artistic activity requires original thinking planning and doing.

Child art has a distinct charm of its' own as the child expres their feelings.  Students must bring a water bottle  to class each week.

Beginning Knitting - PICK A-PROJECT – Instructor: Ms. Russ, Grades 6-12, adults welcome

Brush up on knitting skills or LEARN how to knit for the first time – students are encouraged to pick their own project.

Plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor. A comprehensive knitting book will be available for purchase through HERO that students are encouraged to purchase for help outside of the classroom. Each week a new skill will be introduced and discussed, then demonstrated. A charity project will be included for all students at a beginner level (so all can participate!) with donated yarns and a pattern.

The instructor has successfully passed the Knitting Guild Association Master Knitter course and is a seasoned teacher at a local yarn shop in the TC area. Additional materials will be purchased by the student after a project is determined. Grading will be based on class participation, working on projects outside of class time and of course, the finished item. From toys to sweaters - come make something really fun! This is a one semester course. 


Intro to Multi-Media Sculpture: - Instructor: Kathy Ebner - Grades 4-6 and 7-12

Sculpture. It is the art of creating 3-dimensional shapes and forms. YOU are sculpture, created by the Ultimate Artist, God. God can just speak and create! Wow! In our limited and human way, we will introduce ourselves to special tools, methods, and materials to create sculpture by hand. Our processes will require little technology or high-end materials and accommodate for our lack of a fully equipped art studio.

Each student will have an opportunity to learn and develop skills and experiences that will enable them to create at a higher level. This course is designed to appeal to the "non-artist" as well as the natural artist!

We will cover topics like: Capturing Our Ideas; Sources of Inspiration!; Using Visuals and Tools; Study in Form; Wire Modeling; Surface Modeling; Solid/Hollow Modeling; Carving; Etc... and will work with a variety of mediums like wire, paper, clay, "stone", plaster and others!

Some practice and work at home will be required.

A supply fee will be charged.

Intermediate and Advanced Multi-Media Sculpture - Instructor: Kathy Ebner - Grades 4-6  (Intermediate) and 7-12 (Advanced)

These classes will be offered Second Semester 2016-2017.

This class is offered for those students who have already taken Intro to Multi-Media Scupture .  Exceptions may be considered.

In these Sculpture classes, we will take sculpting to a higher level with more skill and a variety of medium challenges.  This class will ask students to take their introductory skills of sculpting a bit further to create a variety of forms they can really see growth from as well as begin to produce pieces that are of greater value.

Students taking this class will need to dedicate a few hours each week at home to refine their works of art, as one class period each week at HERO will not suffice.  This class is designed for the student who wants to not only experience creating more advanced sculpture but also grow as an artist.  

Additional "at home" work hours will be required and needed.   

A supply fee will be charged.

Clay Building - Instructor: Ms. Sandy - Grades K-6 and 7-12

Come and mess around with clay!  Building boxes, pots, cases, 3 dimensional tile, wind chines and many more.  The projects are only limited by your imagination.  All pieces will be fired and readied for glazing, painting, or other media enhancements.  Your opportunity to express yourself through fired clay creations!  There will be a material fee.

Materials students need to bring to class each week: 

A plastic box with a lid to transport their pieces

2 cotton towels or t-shirt to keep clay sculptures moist

set of 10 Taklon or nylon brushes

Tin foil

Ceramics - Instructor: Ms. Sandy - Grades K-12, adults welcome

Ceramic Art is an art class using ceramic bisque projects as the three dimensional canvas.  Students will explore their creativity with several different paint mediums and techniques. The first three weeks of the semester we will be using class to create the three basic elements of clay building: pinch, coil, and slab. Sculpting and tile making are projects that conclude our clay building unit. The remainder of our semester, we will be studying the color wheel, brush care, "creating great space", working with several paint finishes, and have a huge selection of ceramic projects to work on.  This ceramic art class is not just "paint and take."  All basic skills and paint mediums can be used as background for any art class. Students learn how to clean green ware, under glaze, and glaze their projects to prepare for firing.  Students will be required to pay the instructor for their individual ceramic pieces.  Prices vary from $.50-$5.00 item.  Prices include green ware firing.   You should budget $60/semester for the cost of green ware projects. There will be an art show in the spring. There will be an art show in the spring. Students will be expected to participate in it with a minimum of one piece.

Supply list:  1 plastic box with lid to carry supplies and finished pieces, at least 14 x 11 and 6 in. deep, 1 old white or light colored bath towel to protect the surface the student works on, 1 hand towel, 2 small plastic containers for water (sour cream or yogurt containers), aluminum foil to be used for paint palette, 1 paint shirt, 1 gallon size Ziploc bag, paint brushes (must be Taklon or nylon) ranging in size from 3/4 " to 1" wide as the largest and small fine tipped detail brushes (00 size).

Introduction to Watercolors - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - Grades 3 - 6

This watercolor class is specifically designed for elementary students grades 3-6. Students will paint with "real"watercolors and create beautiful and unique paintings, all with a specific purpose. Students will also practice and sharpen their drawing skills, as every composition starts with a pencil drawing. We will explore landscapes, seascapes, animals, flowers reflections, and so much more!! All compositions are chosen by instructor.

Please make sure you purchase all the supplies, and specifically watercolor paper. All these supplies can be purchased at Michael's

*11x14  pad watercolor paper- please purchase watercolor paper
*3-4 quality round watercolor or mixed media brushes.
*Roll of paper towels or keep them folded.
*Paint pallet with cover
*Water container that holds 8 ounces or more
* Liquid Watercolors, in tubes. Set of 8 or more.

Famous Artists - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - Grades 2-5

Students will learn about famous artists throughout history.  Each week students will create an artwork, drawing or painting in the "style" of

a particular artist. We will have fun learning the history and style of each artist.  This fast paced class will experiment with a variety of mediums and subject matter.

A few of the artists we will explore the life and history are of: Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Winslow Homer, and Picasso.

No textbook is required for this course.

Supplies needed for this course:

11x14 drawing pad

1 package of markers

2-3 fine point black permanent markers



Compressed charcoal

Watercolors - Instructor: Mrs. Kueger - Grades 7-12

Welcome to Watercolors! Students will be amazed how quickly they will advance throughout this course. Students will create numerous paintings throughout the year. We start with the basics, yet move into complex techniques.  We start by learning how to work with watercolor, how to mix it and understanding the feel of it. Projects will increase with difficulty throughout the year. They will increase their skill at a fast pace, and will learn so much! A variety of subjects will be painted all chosen by the instructor. Each project builds upon the next.  In order to complete each project, students should be prepared to work outside of class. Students should be prepared with their supplies on the first day of class.  

Supplies for Watercolors:

4-5 Watercolor or mixed media paintbrushes 

Set of Liquid watercolros such as Winsor & Newton, Cotman or Reeves

11x14 Watercolor paper pad

Pallet for mixing with cover

Container for water

Roll of paper towels, or bring them folded

Drawing pencil with eraser

Fun with  Drawing - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger Grades 1-5

In this class you will learn how to draw!  You will learn new techniques during each class.  One main focus of this class will be to draw in the third dimension (3D).  We will learn about foreground, middle ground, and background be creating jungles, landscapes and cityscapes.  You will be able to draw cakes, ice cream sundaes, fish bowls, and fruit all in the third dimension.  We will also go to their civilization and draw Egyptian pyramids, and Greek buildings.  We will even get a little silly and draw crazy hair, flying shoes and hot air balloons.
Shading is very important aspect to drawing.  Not only will you draw with line, but learn to draw by shading.  We will shade using pencils, watercolor, charcoal and pastels.  We will even explore negative and positive space by creating unique pieces of artwork. 

Supplies for Fun with Drawing: Crayola watercolor paints, 2-3 fine Sharpie permanent markers, Pencils and erasers

Drawing I  - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - Grades 4-6

Students are not required to purchase a textbook for this class.  The instructor will use a variety of materials and exercises.

This enjoyable fast placed class is designed to give students a basic understanding of a variety of drawing and sketching styles and techniques.  Students will experiment with various mediums

such as charcoal, graphite, colored pencils and chalk pastels.  Students will learn various drawing techniques such as shading, negative space, perspective and depth.  A wide range of subject matter will be covered

including people, good, landscapes, animals and surface drawings.

Supplies needed for this course:

11x14 drawing pad

Drawing pencil package or set

Compressed charcoal

I package chalk pastels

I package colored pencils

I kneaded eraser

1 small box tissues

Advanced Drawing 7-12: Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - Grade 7-12

This is an upper level drawing class for those students to want to push their drawing to the next level.  Students will work with a variety of mediums such as charcoal, graphite, colored pencils and chalk pastels. Numerous topics will be covered such as creating depth, drawing to scale, shading, and perspective.  Student will focus on a variety of subject matters including still life, people, landscapes, drawing textures and surfaces. Surface drawing will be a focus as we study how to draw and shade glass, metal, and cloth.  Weekly assignments will be given.

Supplies needed for the class will be:

11x14 drawing pad

Drawing pencil package or set

Compressed charcoal

I package chalk pastels

I package colored pencils

I kneaded eraser

1 small box tissues

Drawing II - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - Grades 7-12

No text is required for this course. This class is designed to give students a basic understanding of a variety of drawing and sketching styles and techniques.  Students will experiment with various mediums such as charcoal, graphite, colored pencils, ink, and dry (chalk) pastels and oil pastels.  Student will learn various drawing techniques and concepts such as line art, shading, texturing, perspective, drawing to scale, negative space, color blending, etc. A variety of subject matter will be drawn in this course including still life, people, landscapes and scenery, and animals.
Supplies needed for the course: Please make sure your child's supplies are labeled with their name on them.

Supplies needed for this course:

11x14 drawing pad

Drawing pencil package or set

Compressed charcoal

I package chalk pastels

I package colored pencils

I kneaded eraser

1 small box tissues

Creative Painting- Instructor: Mrs. Kueger - (Grades 8-12) 

Due to low enrollment this class will not be offered first semester 2015-2016.

From the first time they get gooey fingerpaint all over their paper and their faces, children love to paint! This project-based studio class revisits that spontaneous creativity (yes, we do fingerpaint!) while introducing the student to important concepts for making art, not just pretty pictures. The first half uses acrylic paint for projects, and in the second half we use watercolor. The last two weeks we experiment with wax.

This is a one semester class. The class repeats second semester but project content is different, and learning in first semester is reinforced. This is an upper level course; therefore, expect a homework assignment every week. There is a $10 materials fee per semester.

Prerequisite: Some formal experience in drawing very helpful, but not required; the first two weeks of class will provide a drawing primer/refresher, and informal drawing instruction is provided throughout the semester.

Required materials: Spiral bound watercolor paper pad, at least 11” X 14”, watercolor brush round #8 or larger, watercolor brush flat 1” recommended, one set of watercolor primaries as determined in class (no pan paints), Ivory black watercolor paint, white watercolor palette with large mixing wells, old towel or roll of paper towels, two plastic containers with lids (like empty butter, margarine, or cottage cheese containers)

Creative Drawing - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - (Grades 8-12)

This class is not being offered first semester2015-2016 due to low enrollment.

When you were little you drew everywhere – on the wall, on sidewalks, on the floor. It was magical. The world was your studio and anything could become a tool of artistic expression. Learning the technical side of drawing provided you with the tools and techniques necessary for developing your drawing skills, but did not leave much room for individual expression. This project-based studio class uses technical skills with different media and hands on challenges to discover new drawing approaches, and build creativity and individual expression.

This is a one semester class. The class repeats second semester but project content is different. This is an upper level course; therefore, expect a homework assignment every week. There is a $10 materials fee per semester.

Prerequisite: Drawing I or equivalent experience, or permission of instructor

Required materials: Sketchbook/journal, bound or spiral, with heavy paper, at least 9” X 12”, any graphite drawing tool of choice, black permanent fine line and ultra fine line markers (such as Sharpie), Prang 16 pan watercolor set, #8 watercolor brush, other tools and mediums as announced in class

Painting with Acrylics - Instructor: Mrs. Krueger - (Grades 7-12)

This is a beginner level acrylics class.  We will begin by familiarizing ourselves with the medium. We will start by introducing students to the tools and techniques of acrylics. We will discuss its properties, mixing, brushes, and steps to planning and composing paintings.  Students will create numerous paintings throughout the year. Each painting will increase in difficulty and build upon prior skills. Students will be amazing how quickly they advance in their skills! In order to complete each project, students should be prepared to work on their paintings outside of class. Please be prepared with supplies on the first day of class.  It is necessary to purchase a quality acrylic set.  They can be found at Michaels or at Blick.


Acrylic paint set (in small tubes), purchase at Michaels or at Blick.

4-5 round acrylic or multi-media brushes. They should vary in thickness.

11x14 acrylic or mixed media paper pad

Pallet with cover.

Roll of paper towels, or bring them folded

Container for water

Drawing pencil with eraser

Photography  I  -  Instructor:  Mrs. Schock Grade 7-12

 We will dig in to digital photography.  Learning how to use light and other aspects of your environment to capture great moments and memories.  We will spend a little time on basic knowledge of photography, but students should be comfortable with a camera (not just a phone) before the class.  We will also be spending time on how to use a camera phone.  One of the best parts of photography is editing your pictures.  We will be touching on different free Apps and computer programs that you can use.  Students do not need a Digital SLR camera, but if you have one to use, it would be helpful.  Please provide some sort of Digital camera and 8G USB memory stick or higher and be ready to share your pictures digitally on a consistent basis in class.   Be prepared to develop photos for your final semester project.  This will be the only time that there will be a cost for this class.  

Creative Digital Media and Advertising - Instructor: Mrs. Schock - Grades 7-12

Students will investigate the Internet by exploring a variety of destinations including search engines, research sites, e-media, e-games as well as email and Internet safety. They will then become web designers and construct a web page that includes links to other sites. Throughout the process, students will pay particular attention to the ease of navigation, overall appearance, and quality of the content. Students will learn about blogs and set up their own blogging profile. They will write their own blog, and learn to comment in an encouraging way as they respond to other’s posts. We will also dig into Graphic Design using different platforms.  We will learn how to use Photoshop. As a part of our Advertising curriculum, we will partner with local businesses and use the knowledge we have learned to help them promote and launch their business.  If we have time, we will also touch on video editing.  

Graphic Design/Yearbook - Instructor: Mrs. Schock - Grades 8-12

Students in this class will not only learn to organize ad create the HERO yearbook, they will learn Graphic Design and photography skills.  We will use two graphic design platforms, and work with photo editing software.  You need NO experience in any of these programs.  Come prepared to have a lot of fun!  If you have access to a camera please bring it to class.